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In the orchard

Respect of soils, biodiversity and fruits

for a full expression of the « Terroirs »: 

-    Standard apple trees, local varieties
-    Organic farming (in the process of conversion)
-    Grazing in the orchard outside the harvest season
-    Manual harvest to achieve a high degree of maturity
-    Only the heart of the yield is used to make cider
-    Apples are sorted twice (in the orchard and before pressing)
-    Over-ripening in pallet boxes

In the cellar

To keep it alive and unique,

cider needs as little intervention as possible but requires constant attention : 

-    First clarification made naturally
-    Fermentation in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks 
-    First fermentation by natural yeasts
-    No sulphites during first fermentation
-    Control of fermentation by repetitive rackings
-    Bottling on the estate
-    Natural foam taking in bottles (no artificial carbonation)

In the bottle

Passion, emotions, sharing

-    Vintage ciders with ageing potential
-    Single Orchard cuvées 
-    Special Cuvées inspired by the world of wine
-    Great ciders for gastronomic occasions

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