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The Estate

Cambremer, Pays d'Auge

The Estate is nested on top of a hill and overhangs the village of Cambremer which is located in the heart of “Pays d’Auge”, in Normandy.

This village listed as “Site remarquable du goût” has given its name to the only classified growth for its ciders.

The Estate covers an area of 18 hectares, 7.5 hectares of which are planted with a standard apple orchard. This sustainable farming method and the use of local apple varieties enable us to grow apples without any pesticide.

Fréquin Rouge, Mettais, Saint Aubin, Binet Rouge, Domaine, Rambeau, here are a few of the many varieties planted on the estate. They belong to our living heritage and are a raw material of the highest quality.

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