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From vineyard

 to orchard

Back to the roots

Native of Pays d’Auge in Normandy, I grew up among orchards.

As an agronomist in the wine industry, I then travelled across France and abroad.

As I am convinced that there are also great “cider terroirs”, I came back home to create my own Estate. 

My ambition is to reveal the extraordinary potential of these terroirs by making outstanding ciders.

Wine, just like cooking is always a story of passion. Thank you to those who shared it with me in Champagne, in Burgundy, in the Rhône Valley and in all the places where I’ve worked and experienced special moments.

Great thanks to my family  for allowing me to fulfill that dream!

Trees with deep roots are those which grow high.  


                                                Frédéric Mistral 1875

Old Horse Chestnut tree in the estate

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